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terminal_echoes  wrote:
[19 May 2008|01:36pm]
One of my New Years resolutions was to stop being so judgemental and elitist, because I don't deserve to be. However yesterday, something happened that made my resolution a bit...well shit, I'll just tell you what happened.

I was walking out of Subway with my lunch. As I was walking down the sidewalk to my car, something that I can only describe as a Hood Rat was walking in my direction. Her hair was in corn rows, her teeth were huge, her lips stuck out about three inches in front of her face, she was smoking a cigar, wearing a brilliant pink tank top which either made her skin appear to be blacker than it was (or maybe it was her skin that made the top seem pinker?), no bra, tits hanging halfway down her stomach with one nipple pointing toward Chicago and the other nipple pointing to toward Kansas City. She was bobbing her head like a damn turkey and making it obvious that she was eye-raping me. This caused all three of my testicles to crawl into my stomach and hide.

When she was about five feet in front of me, she said "Hey heyyyy wassup?" and continued to look at me as though I would be the main course after her skrimps and hot sauce platter. I froze. The look I gave her was complex. It was equal parts of:

1) Disgust
2) Terror
3) Disbelief
4) Offense
5) Contempt
6) You just turned me into a homosexual just by speaking to me

Before I knew it or could help it, the words "Oh my sweet Jesus" escaped my lips. Then I involuntarily shook my head and kept walking; the disgust and contempt plainly still visible on my face. Knowing she was the target of my face, she said this to me as I walked by:

Whatevah man. You ain't nevah NOT no nuthin!

Yeah. You ain't never not no nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have just discovered the world's first triple negative sentence. Or would it be a quadruple negative? It's so hard to tell! I wish I'd had a camera or a tape recorder for it. Just like Bigfoot, no one will ever believe me.

So getting back to what I first said, I found it very difficult not to be judgemental or elistist with her. Her and her words still haunt me, and I can't help believing that I'm far superior to her in every way.
irish_droog writes in white_racialism :

Two teenagers who arrested for driving through Alexandria with a pair of nooses hanging off the back of their pickup truck. They've been arrested and could possibly be charged with a hate crime AND inciting to riot.


This whole issue of the Jena six is absurd. Everyone is complaining about how Blacks and Whites are treated differently in the judicial system and how Blacks are given unfair punishments hence the issue with the Jena six.

What the fuck.

Lets get one thing straight. It is not against the law to hang nooses from your truck. That is not a crime. But these two White kids are going to be charged with inciting to riot??? THIS is an unfair punishment, people! A Black kids beats the fuck out of a White kid and is charged with attempted murder. That's not excessive! That's what happens when you beat someone to a pulp! But now everyone wants to PROVE that they're not biased and that the judicial system is fair so they give an incredibly UNFAIR and racist charge to these two White kids.

If Black students can put a sign on the quad on my campus that says "BLACK POWER" and no one bats an eye why is it all of the sudden against the law to hang a makeshift noose from your truck?? That's NOT A CRIME!!!!! Maybe they just wanted to show support for the death penalty??? Eh?? Ever think of that??

And the fucking mayor of Alexandria... what a fucking pussy faggot. I just saw the news where he's all talking about how Alexandria is not a racist town and how he hopes no one will judge them and how the kids were from out of town and how they're going to be charged with a hate crime.... What a kiss ass. He's going around sucking Black dick to try to make himself look good so that he'll get elected again.

This makes me sick. This whole notion of how White people basically need to cut their balls off and hand them to the Black community everytime Al fucking Sharpton gets his panties in a wad is fucking disgusting.

Hanging nooses from your truck.... was it fucked up? YES. Was it a crime? NO.

Free the Alexandria two!!